EP15| Louise – Birth Centre turned C-Section, Posterior Baby & Positive Homebirth

In this episode, we meet Louise who was educated for the birth of her first baby and really excited to birth through a Birth Centre. 

When Louise was pregnant she was accepted to birth at her local Birth Centre.

She loved the setup and experience she had with continuity of care and the group of midwives she had.

Her primary midwife was so lovely and I really made her feel supported to birth naturally. 

Louise was fairly well informed at the time however did have to compromise on several tests to comply with the birth centre policies to be allowed to birth there.

She was so strict on herself that she didn’t want a hospital birth at all and was fairly stressed towards the end that her weight/ gestation date would mean she could be transferred to the hospital.

It really placed a heap of anxiety on her at the time. Louise had a stretch and sweep at 41+2, plus all the other things like eating dates, sex, RRLT, watching positioning from 30 weeks.

Louise laboured at home for about 6 hours and then went to the birth centre and laboured for 12 hours mainly in the shower. She found labour manageable with hypnobirthing, in the shower and on a birthing ball. 

Soon enough she felt pressure to push but felt it was too soon. She had allowed numerous VEs and the next one showed she had a cervical lip and baby was now posterior.

Lousie tried side-lying releases, into the bath on hands and knees but unfortunately, the time was up in the birth centre and she had to be transferred.

She agreed to an epidural to relax the cervix to allow to dilate but unfortunately even with all the drugs it didn’t, so reluctantly a section was the next step at 8 pm that night. Dan was born, 4.5kgs, 56cm. 

When Louise fell pregnant with baby number two she looked at local hospitals and birth centre’s and something just didn’t feel right here.  

At this time she had moved to Sydney and had clicked with a homebirth midwife and had explored that option as a way to move forward. 

After some slight cramping for about a week, Louise got some chiropractic work done and had an Epsom bath that night and lost parts of the mucus plug over the next couple of days. 

Two days later and about 38 weeks she woke up at 7am to the first contraction, short, barely noticeable.

She thought it was more intense cramping. Went for a beautiful walk down by the river.

Really tried to just enjoy themselves outside to distract herself. She found this worked so well and really enjoyed it. 

The contractions really started to work up and with support from her husband, she worked through the contractions.

 Louise decided to call her student midwife and midwife to let them know it was time for support.  

With plenty of support and reassurance through labour Louise was able to work through some fears about a cervical lip and a malpositioned baby.  

Finally jumping into the water pool to find some sweet relief. 

Eventually after what seemed hours, but was actually only about 2 hours she pushed her waters out and they broke.

That was some relief. 10 mins later and she was born and placed into Louise’s arms. She couldn’t believe it, she had a baby, in her room, out of her vagina – a VBAC! A small graze and a tiny tear!

Louise says: I’ve so much more energy than the first time! Its been incredible and I’m so so thankful to my midwives and husband for supporting me throughout it all.  

Tuiren Muire Casey 


4.2kg/ 58cm

Listen to this episode to find out all the details of this inspiring HBAC!

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