EP10| Maddie – A 20 hour active labour shower freebirth with immense healing from PTSD

In this episode, we meet Maddie who had a c-section with her first baby due to babies position being breech.  

Maddie felt as a younger mother she was not given the respect or support she deserved during her pregnancy. 

Maddie has whitecoat syndrome – which means that her blood pressure rises around Dr’s or health care professionals and she experiences high anxiety in this environment.  

Which made the pregnancy and birth of her first baby very challenging and anxiety was high. 

Maddie found herself with a breech baby around 35 weeks and was told her only option was to give birth via c-section.  

It was recommended that Maddie deliver her baby at 35 weeks, and Maddie was able to advocate for herself to deliver close to her guess date. 

After the c-section birth of her baby in recovery, Maddie was told she could have had a vaginal birth in a hospital one hour away and felt upset that this information was never given to her despite her clear desire to birth her baby vaginally and as naturally as possible. 

Maddie suffered severe trauma and PTSD from the experience of the birth from a female Dr who did not ask for consent during the insertion of a catheter and went on to do some intense healing and work with a spiritual counsellor and long time midwife in her area. 

Knowing the second time around she wanted to birth at home and stay away from the hospital she met with a midwife in the area and didn’t feel a connection and decided to plan a free birth at home.

At 39+5 Maddie went into labour and had 20 hours of active labour before birthing her posterior baby boy in the shower just like she had visualised birthing him 6 months prior to his birth.  

Explaining she had an out of body experience and at times her labour was pleasurable – Maddie would love to do this all over again!

Not knowing how much blood loss Maddie had, and the amount looking like quite a lot in the shower with the water they decided to call an Ambulance finding out in hospital it was quite minimal around 300 ml blood loss – which was very reassuring.

In the hospital, Maddie came face to face with the female Dr who had traumatised her in her first birth.  Only this time the Dr was very respectful and caring (a very different experience to the first encounter)

Maddie found great healing and peace from this visit – even feeling fond memories when driving past the hospital now. 

Listen to this episode to find out more about Maddie’s healing and pleasurable Freebirth! 

I hope you enjoy this episode!

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