When we had our first daughter I didn’t realise that Baby Milestone Cards even was a thing.  It wasn’t until I joined an online baby support group that I learnt about taking weekly photos of your little one.  I was so excited and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some and start snapping!

Baby milestone cards are a great way to look back and see your precious little one grow week by week.  I love seeing all the little tiny changes, and rapid growth.  I’m so glad that I got lots of photos to reflect back on as they get older.

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I used to count the weeks and mourn each week that passed, and wish that I could go back to when they were just born and re-live it all again. I remember someone referring to my baby as a couple of months ‘young’ and I thought that was a really great way to look at it… after all my baby wasn’t old at all, she was actually still VERY young.  So I have created these printable baby milestone cards to reflect that thought.

I hope that when you look at these cards you remember that your little one is still so young.  Enjoy creating gorgeous memories with your little ones.  This time is precious!

You can download your free Baby Milestone Cards here.

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