One of the most important and powerful things a new mum can have is a new mum directory at her fingertips.

Resources, knowledge and insight is such a powerful tool –  helps us to make more informed choices for us and our families.

This list of services will support you on your journey through pregnancy, birth and motherhood. I encourage you to share this list with pregnant friends (or new mothers) you know will love having this list handy!

Supporting new mothers to find services to support you on your motherhood journey is exactly why I created The Motherhood Circle.

I wanted to make the life of new mothers so much easier than it is – so this is my gift to you.  A collection of local Gold Coast, Brisbane + between and a splash of Australia- Wide services that can support you on your journey.

Some of these services I have personally dealt with or have a relationship with (so I know personally and in my opinion they are great), and other’s are generalised and possibly even Australia-Wide resources.

It’s important for you to always trust your intuition and using a service provider that suits your situation at the time.

I always support a mother to listen to her mother’s intuition and only continue to seek advice from those you are comfortable with and align with.  You can read my blog on Mother’s Intuition- Mother Knows Best

Many hours of love went into creating this list for you mama…a little bit of coffee (okay a lot!)  and a quite a few big warm smiles as I type out some of my favourite services.

Please let me know if you use this list and find someone amazing to support you on your journey – I would love to hear from you!
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I have categorised these into three (3) different sections:

 Pregnancy | Birth | Postpartum – The Fourth Trimester.  Each section has different areas – Physical location (services), Australia- Wide.  There is a mix of services available for you including podcasts, websites and Facebook Support Groups. 




It is important that you find the right support as soon as you are pregnant. Being part of an online community, or meeting up face – to – face with like-minded people can really help you to be supported and find the information you require to plan for a peaceful pregnancy, birth and or postpartum.

Which is why I created this directory and Postpartum Plan to make your life so much easier!  You can download your FREE 10- Page Postpartum Plan HERE


Some of these services may fit into 2 categories, but I think it’s best to prepare in your pregnancy for the rest to follow – so you may have to skip between the categories to find what you are after. Check out the headings below and make a note of any that resonate with you.

Bookmark this page on your desktop so you can come back to it later!



Ambulance or Emergency Services – Australia Wide – 000
If you are in an emergency situation during your pregnancy, birth or beyond please call the ambulance for emergency assistance if you feel necessary.

13 HEALTHcall 13 43 25 84
Ask to speak with a child health nurse about your or your child’s health. Registered nurses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

National Home Doctor Service – Australia Wide- 13 SICK OR 13 74 25
Bulk Billed Doctors who will come to your home! Doctors are on the road weeknights from 6 pm.  Saturdays from 12 noon and all day Sunday and public holidays.

If you need a Doctor out of hours or can’t get to a Doctor make the call.

Pregnancy, Birth and Baby– 1800 882 436
Supporting parents on the journey from pregnancy to preschool. Get the guidance and reassurance you need about developmental and behavioural concerns from our maternal child health nurses or talk to our counsellors for emotional support.

Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia (PANDA)—contact PANDA on 1300 726 306
If you or your partner are feeling depressed, or you are struggling after the birth of your child.

COPE- Centre of Perinatal Excellence
High quality, practical information – to help YOU work through all the emotional challenges of becoming and being a parent.


Australian Breastfeeding Association – Australia Wide Support
Breastfeeding is a learned skill for mothers and like any new skill, it can take some time to get the hang of it. Pregnancy a great time to learn new skills and be prepared for when your baby arrives – be one step ahead! ABA provides classes for expectant parents to gain the knowledge and confidence to successfully breastfeed – find out more about the classes here

I provide personalised breastfeeding support as apart of my In-Home- Support Services, to guide you and give you encouragement. Research shows that mothers are more likely to meet their breastfeeding goals when they are supported.

As a breastfeeding advocate (and after breastfeeding both of my daughters) I am apart of a large Australian Breastfeeding Network. Where required I will connect my In-Home- Support clients with local lactation consultants and breastfeeding support groups (online and local).

Premium clients receive a gift of membership to the Australian Breastfeeding Association.

Contact the 24/7 phone helpline on 1800 686 268 and find breastfeeding resources and support on the website here


Positively Hypnobirthing – With Kate Eakin on the Gold Coast
Kate offers Hypnobirthing on the Gold Coast and she supports couples to prepare and plan for the birth they want- in a calm way. I love that Kate has a kind and gentle approach. She is sure to help anyone relax into some of the in-depth detail in of the world of birth.

You can contact Kate on her Facebook Page here or the website here

Wonder Birthing– With Amelia in Sydney (Online Classes Available)
Amelia is fun and bubbly and very enthusiastic about birth.  She offers physical classes in Sydney or she can support you in the comfort of your own home through her very popular online course for couples Aust-Wide.

You can contact Amelia on her Facebook Page here or the website here

Rockstar Birth Magazine – With Shalome
Shalome is a wealth of wisdom and has created a series of magazines to support new mothers through pregnancy, birth and beyond. She also has a Rockstar Birth Academy – which I actually am a member of and undertook this education and support course throughout my pregnancy with baby #2.

Shalome’s love and support helped me to fight for a spontaneous labour (with no induction) after a C-Section (and is actually one of the main reason’s I created The Motherhood Circle)

You can find out more about Shalome’s Services on her insightful Podcast here or the website here

Birth Doula Support – Birth and Beyond– With Natalie in Brisbane
Natalie is a Birth Doula + Educator with many years of experience.  She is very knowledgeable about all things birth and will support you to have the birth you want to have. Providing pregnancy, birth and postnatal support for women in Brisbane, Redlands, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Gold Coast and surrounds.

You can contact Natalie to find out more on Facebook here

Birthplace– Located in Queensland – Servicing Australia Wide
Offers a wide range of birth affirmation buntings and other products to make your birthing space more colourful, empowering and safe.

You can find out more about Birthplace and how they can support you here

Soul Mama Yoga – With Kelly on the Gold Coast
Kelly teaches specialised pregnancy and postnatal yoga through tailor-made postures, breathing techniques and relaxation to clear and calm the mind and body, preparing you for labour, birth and beyond.

Wellwood Health – Prenatal + Postnatal Pilates + Workshops|Loganholme 0415 849 941
Our clientele can train with some of the industries best; see a naturopath; enjoy a massage; learn to meditate, enjoy a healthy juice or view the latest in local art.

The Motherhood Circle Postpartum Plan – Getting you organised and prepared for when your baby arrives
I have a free downloadable 10-page Postpartum Plan that will step- by – step guide you to plan for the peaceful postpartum that you want and deserve.  You may already have a birth plan, why not a Postpartum Plan?

Download your FREE 10- Page Postpartum Plan here!

Crescent Moon Services – Gold Coast and Logan areas
Certified Placenta Arts Specialist + Placenta Encapsulation + Cord Keepsakes + Placenta Prints + Placenta Tinctures


Natural Hospital Birthing – click here
Homebirth Group Australia – click here
Gold Coast Homebirth Community – click here
The Motherhood Circle Community (This is my free community for mother’s Australia Wide) – click here
Australian Breastfeeding Association North Gold Coast – click here
The Freebirth Society Group –  click here  and Podcast here
Mums of Brisbane – click here for website
Logan Babywearers – click here
Breastfeeding Younger Babies and Beyond – click here




Find a Lactation Consultant – Support with latching| Breastfeeding challenges| Ties| Milk Supply
To find a list of lactation consultants Australia and New Zealand wide, breastfeeding support groups and advice for finding the right lactation consultant for you click here

Monash Medical Centre|
Mr Rodney Whyte|  (03) 9594 2361
Find out if a medication is safe while breastfeeding – call Mr Rodney Whyte Monday – Friday between 9 am- 5 pm

Peach Tree – Because Parenthood isn’t always peachy – North Brisbane (07) 0430 046 326
Building a village for parents and promoting a positive culture around parenthood. This is a not-for-profit organisation and they run many free programs like events, groups, education and counselling.

Mother’s Milk & Mental Health – Amanda Donnet| Phychologist- Southside Brisbane (07) 3286 1530
Mothers, Milk & Mental Health offers support to women and their families experiencing depression, anxiety, or adjustment difficulties during pregnancy and the postnatal period. We also assist mothers or fathers experiencing parenting difficulties, including sleep difficulties, bonding or attachment issues.

Birthtalk.Org| BIRTH TRAUMA SUPPORT – Brisbane – 0410 408 335 is an award-winning organisation specialising in: Healing from birth trauma, grief and disappointment Planning a positive birth no matter how you are birthing Birthing After Caesarean support and education including VBAC and Positive Caesarean information They are the authors of the book – “How to Heal a BadBirth:: making sense, making peace and moving on”.

OLIVE Chiropractic – Mt Gravatt – Brisbane (07) 3349 1016
Supporting mothers during pregnancy and babies with gentle adjustments – including before and after lip and tongue tie revision. I personally have experience with Dr Bree from this clinic as she supported our second baby with her tongue and lip tie revision. Dr Bree was very gentle and caring and had a real passion for what she does.

The Avenue Chiropractic Clinic| Belinda Siddle|Ashgrove, Brisbane (07) 3366- 5757 Specialises in babies and comes with a glowing review from Brisbane mothers

Embrace Life
– Natural Therapies|Family Health| – North Lakes – Brisbane (07) 3491 6533

At Embrace Life Health and Wellness Centre, we provide an integrative approach to wellness, combining traditional allied health therapies with complementary therapies to provide the whole family with holistic care in one location.

Holistic healthcare seeks to care for the whole person – mind, body, spirit – taking into consideration the many physical and non-physical factors that impact the family’s health, wellness and susceptibility to disease.

In Harmony Kinesiology-Angie|Upper Coomera 0420 552 360
Kinesiology is a combination of ancient, eastern science and western muscle monitoring. As a gentle holistic modality of healing,

Kinesiology works beautifully for children who can not communicate their needs or wants for themselves. Through Kinesiology, families can find an understanding, as the needs of the child are understood.

Bouncing Back From Birth  Supporting you with pregnancy and postpartum supplies to make your journey easier. 

You can find breast care, perineal care, c-section care and abdominal separation to name a few. Check out the website here 

Bamboo Basix – Australia Wide
Bamboo Basix is a small Australian family owned business offering practical and luxurious bamboo baby items and baby shower gift sets.

I can recommend Bamboo Basix as a local Brisbane based company who I have a relationship with. They have some gorgeous baby washcloths breast pads and mattress protectors to name a few!

Check out the website here

Blueberry Co| Monochrome Baby Books

Baby Bunting – Helensvale (07) 5580 0144 Australia Wide & Online
Baby Shop, baby car seats, prams, nursery, baby toys and accessories. I love my local Baby Bunting Store, they ladies were always helpful and answered any questions that I had with any of the products.

They are very knowledgeable and relatable as most of the customer service team are mothers and or grandmothers.  You can also shop online with ZIP and Afterpay. Check out the website here

Child and Baby Health Clinics + Newborn Drop In’s – Brisbane Area
Available for the first twelve weeks after hospital discharge for new babies. These clinics are available at various locations on specified days between 9 am and noon (no appointment required, closed on public holidays).

The focus is on supporting early infant feeding, early infant parenting concerns and to support parents in the transition from hospital to community.

Download the clinic’s sheet here head to the Government website to find out more. 

Mater Mothers’ Parenting Support Centre – Brisbane
Mater Mothers’ Parenting Support Centre offers early parenting support and guidance for parents up to six months after the birth of their baby.

Who can attend? Families and individuals with babies up to six months of age can access the centre. Self-referrals are welcome from families across Brisbane.

Ellen Barron Family Centre -Chermside (07) 3139 6500 | Sleep Support
The Ellen Barron Family Centre (EBFC) provides is a multi-disciplinary, specialist child health service for families who require support with building practical skills and confidence in parenting.

We offer services to families living in Queensland, northern New South Wales and the Northern Territory. Catchment area restrictions apply. Admission to the Ellen Barron Family Centre is referral-based.

Find out more on the website here

Group Programs for parents
– Free Govt Service
– Brisbane to Logan, Queensland
New parent groups
– Child Health and Parenting Seminars
– Postnatal Wellbeing
– Circle of Security group

Baby Wearing Video Tutorials by Brooke Maree| Baby Wearing |Brisbane based Want to learn how to babywear when your baby is born?  Brooke has a number of video tutorials to help you understand which carriers may be good for you and how to put them on (as they can be a wee bit tricky!)
Check out the videos here

A Painter’s Dream offers a social painting experience- Located in North Brisbane We create a relaxed, mindful environment for you to sit back, relax and unwind. Our classes cater to all skill levels, ages and group sizes.

This was a recommendation from a mother who said: A painters dream offers mum and bub painting classes, this helped me out so much with postnatal depression and I made some amazing friends there too!

The Suburban Patch– Michelle Northam| Australia Wide
This Facebook group is to share ideas and ask advice about starting your own Suburban Patch (Suburban Vegetable Garden) in Suburban Australia. Perfect for self-care and general health and wellbeing for your family.

Kangatraining Australia| Exercise classes for Parents and babies|Provide classes From Brisbane| Logan to Gold Coast and Australia Wide. Postnatal exercise class which focus’ on pelvic floor strength, babywearing, and dance. We take care of women’s postnatal bodies and mental health..


Logan Women’s Health & Wellbeing Centre – Beenleigh, Queensland
We focus on HOPE, EMPOWERMENT & RESPECT through counselling and community educational events.

The Family Place – Woodridge, Qld
The Family Place offers fun and free activities for families with children. They also have a drop in centre so you can drop in with your baby if you need to connect and chat with other mothers.

Mama Tribe 
Mama Tribe® helps you find local like-minded mums for friendship and support! Our motto is #nomumleftbehind

Mother’s Circle – The Motherhood Circle with Ashley
A year-long mothers circle for newborn mothers who want connection, support and a safe, non-judgemental space while growing into motherhood with your newborn baby.

Grow into motherhood in this safe space that has been created for you! Find out more here



I hope that you have found something to support you on your journey. 

If you would like to be added to the directory or have any suggestions please send me an email

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