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How Pilates can support you in pregnancy & postpartum

Movement and exercise through pilates in pregnancy can help support you to gain stamina, strength and flexibility you will need in your labour and birth. 

Understanding and learning how you can do these simple and quick movements will help you to have a clearer mind, tune in with your body, baby and mothers intuition as well as support you emotionally.  

In this episode, I sit down and talk with Emma Jory from ePilates to discuss why it’s important you start to move in your pregnancy, we discuss the benefits and how you can get started today!


Emma is passionate about supporting & guiding women to gain strength, flexibility & confidence that will support women during pregnancy, birth & postpartum.


  • We discuss the importance of movement and exercise during pregnancy
  • Why Pilates is a great exercise to support pregnant women 
  • How you can get started today
  • What sort of positions and movements will help you in labour and birth

More on Emma!

Emma is passionate about helping women feel empowered, strong and confident through their pre and postnatal journey. She draws on her extensive knowledge as an instructor of over 17 years, internationally certified in Pilates, Yoga, Barre, as a Fitness Instructor, as well as Health Coach. She specialises in Women’s Health, specifically pre and post natal exercise. 


She has helped hundreds of women reduce pain in their body, during pregnancy, post-pregnancy and beyond. Her clients have reported speedier and less painful births by using her specific exercises and techniques and have healed from conditions such as Diastasis Recti, pelvic floor dysfunction, pubic bone pain, plus generally regaining core strength and confidence.

Emma’s teachings are sought after by many and as really helps women to love and understand their body, giving them the tools they need to make exercise and easy part of their life.


More on this episode

1)  Can you explain why exercise is so important during pregnancy?

2) Strength/ opening and stretching – how can this support pregnant women?

3) How do sqauts help?

4) Mothers intuition will guide you through your journey 

5) How birthing ball can help & positions 

Connect with Emma

You can connect with Emma on the following platforms and through her website!

Website: www.epilatesonline.com
Facebook: @ePilates Online
Instagram: @ePilates Online

Gift from Emma

Emma has a special gift for our viewers!  
1 Month Free Trial of Pregnancy Program
1/2 Postnatal Program for anyone who stays a member

Click here to get your gift from Emma now!

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