Positive Affirmations are a great way to flip the negative stories and self talk and bring in some positive reflection back into your life.

As a new mother you may be able to relate to the mother guilt and those pesky stories telling you that –

You are not doing enough, you are not enough or that you are a failure for some reason.

The truth is a lot of the time we are guided by our sub conscious.

Which is the part of the mind that is constantly telling us those stories.

And determines how we behave and the way we react or respond to things around us. 

Unless we are fully present in  the moment.

Because want to nourish ourselves with positive affirmations so that we can re-write that old programming and those stories and bring in some positive stories.

How to use affirmations to support you in motherhood

Affirmations can be used as part of your daily ritual or just every now and then when you feel the need!

Here are some ways I like to use Positive Affirmations:

  • Each day leaving a set by my bed to read before I go to sleep or when I wake up
  • Pinned up around the house so when I run into them, I am reminded of just how amazing I am!
  • I like to listen to audio affirmations and allow the words to seep into my being and feel the words deeply.
  • Whenever I notice negative self-talk I like to use affirmations to help re-write those stories by speaking my favourites out loud.

Benefits of using positive affirmations daily

The main benefit that I see with using positive affirmations daily is the daily ritual and self care.

That you are making a priority in your life!

If affirmations are your love language and you resonate with them then this is a really great way to nourish your soul and being. 

Using them for just a few minutes a day will help you to bring some positive talk and lift your spirits everyday.

Plus you never know you might start hearing those negative stories turn into positive stories about yourself!

Remember, it takes 21 days to create a new routine!

So make sure you set an alarm to remind you or put your affirmations somewhere that is already a part of your daily routine to make it easier.

For example, if you meditate daily you could do affirmations before or after your meditation practice. 

Or you could leave them in your bathroom for when you brush your teeth and you can say them out loud to yourself in the morning.



What types of positive affirmations are best?

The great thing about positive affirmations is that you can personalise them especially for you! 

They could be a mixture of different genres, like motherhood, health & fitness, business or just general motivational life stuff!

I have had mothers sit down and write down their very own affirmations that feel right to them.

I recommend that you start off with finding some that really speak to you and make you feel good and use those on a regular basis.

You can find a list of my top 5 motherhood affirmations here

Free Positive Affirmations track just for you

I love affirmations so much that I created an audio track just for mothers! 

It only goes for a few minutes with some relaxing music to go with it (and keep your eye out for a longer and updated version coming out soon!).

You can download this straight to your phone and save it for whenever you need to hear some positive affirmations, calm down and get back into being present.

FREE Positive Affirmation Audio – DOWNLOAD NOW!

See you want to be awake and aware of what is happening in your life.

Often we are living too much in our head space and not in our bodies.

We don’t realise why we feel frustrated, angry, flustered, tired.

When are aware of what’s happening we can take time to respond according.

How I notice affirmations can calm me

An example of this is when I’m time poor and running late in the morning after waking late.

I’ve got to rush to get out the door and drop the kids off to kindy. 

I’m making lunches, I’m yelling to the kids to get dressed, find their shoes, bring out their bags…

Negotiating what clothes they are wearing, there are lots of complaints and no one wants to do as they are told.

Sometimes before I have a full break down I can catch myself and just remind myself that this is not end of the world stuff.

I can calm down.  I can take deep breaths and relax my muscles that are tense. 

Calm my mind and chatter and I can be calm with my children and myself.

Using affirmations to remind myself that I am a good mother, I am calm and peaceful, I am loving, I am in control, I am able…

Whatever I need to hear in that moment (as those pesky negative stories love to tell me different!).

Those morning tend to be a lot calmer, everyone is happy and we get to the destination when we get there.

As I always say – find a way that works for you, that you can stick to and feels right!  I’d love to hear what you think about my affirmations audio track, comment below!

Let me know your fav affirmation!



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