Learning to nourish and support your mindset can make such a difference to your health and wellbeing.  Not only your mind & soul but your body as well. 

All three are connected – your mind is the one that controls your body and it’s important that you take care of it.

Your subconscious mind is powerful

Our subconscious minds are the ones that are really driving our bodies.  It is shown that our subconscious minds are running the show 95% of the time (in many people much higher). 

We are basically running in auto pilot most of the time – our set programs that our subconscious minds have created are just on re-run every day.  We handle situations the same and continue to make the same bad choices or habits despite our desire to want to change.

Which means our minds re-run the same old negative stories that we have been telling ourselves since we were children.

Over time they become powerful and to many people, they become the truth and the trigger for us that makes it hard for us to behave in ways we want to.

To respond the way we want to.

What do mindset challenges look like in pregnancy & motherhood?

They present to us as stories in our minds.  Stories that we tell ourselves over and over again. Maybe we heard our mother or father tell us this as a child.  Maybe it was kids at school or a school teacher. 

Maybe your partner or siblings.

Our mindset can set us up for failure before we have already begun our journey into Motherhood.

Here are some ways your negative mindset stories can sabotage you:

  • You don’t feel confident to advocate for yourself & baby during your pregnancy or birth
  • You don’t feel worthy
  • You don’t believe in yourself or your body
  • You are worried that you won’t be a good mother
  • You worry you are too selfish
  • You worry if you are enough for your baby if you are doing enough


These all come down to a lack of belief and trust in yourself.  You can build up your confidence and trust in yourself and re-write those negative stories that your subconscious mind is telling you.



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Why it’s important to live more in the present

You can be more present and aware of what is happening.  Being aware of the moment that we are in and appreciating the moment that is in front of us.

When we can be present and conscious of what is happening in our lives we can be more in control of how we react to situations.  We can take responsibility for our behaviour a lot more.  We can notice we are feeling and make adjustments to that situation.

For example – your mind might start running the old program or story that you are not good enough, not doing enough – and you can listen to that story and fight with it. 

Defend yourself or agree with the story… how does that make you feel?  I’m imaging that story would make you feel pretty sad.  

We walk through our lives with these stories going on all the time and often we don’t even know it’s happening – it can be a split second and you can feel sad, down and lonely – and we don’t know why. 

But if you are present and aware of that story you just allow it to play out and redirect your present self to something more enjoyable. 

Like rubbing your belly and feeling your baby kick.  Or cuddling your partner.  Making a hot cup of tea and sitting in the sun and enjoying the rays.

Daily practices to help you be present

It’s important that you start to live more in the present moment so you can start making changes in your life that will support you in motherhood. 

Here are some examples when you could turn to your daily practices to help you feel more present and in control:

Baby crying – When your baby is crying and you are alone it’s important that you reset your body and bring it back to calm. It’s really surprising how much a babies crying can bring up hormones and make your body feel like it’s under attack.

Sleep deprivation- being able to help yourself get some quality sleep and not stay awake worrying

Isolation and feeling lonely – this is when the negative stories can come up and the world can come crashing in.

If you have practices you can turn to for support you will always have something to help you feel calm, present and more in control.

Your mindset toolbox:

  • Meditation – Insight timer app is a great free resource
  • Practising be mindful – present in the moment
  • Noticing your negative stories and writing them out – rewrite with positive stories
  • Gentle Yoga (either prenatal of postnatal – make sure you have clearance and a good instructor)
  • Gentle Pilates – Find out more here and get 1-month free online trial
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You can make positive steps in your life to a more positive mindset!

If you want to work on your mindset and being more present in the moment come and join us in the Free 5-Day Bump to Baby Mindset Challenge


Tell me about your mindset challenge?  What practices will you try to support a positive mindset in motherhood?


Ashley Winning - The Motherhood Circle
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