Every man and his dog has an opinion on how you’re supposed to bring up your baby, just look at the comments section of any baby related article on the web.

Sunscreen is toxic!

Vaccinations are evil!

It happens before your babe even enters the world.


Home birth VS hospital birth

Pain medication during labour or drug-free?

Everything from how we clothe our babies to how we get them from A to B seems to be open for discussion but these are the recurring three that cause catfights in the comments:

Everything from where you do it to how long you do it is wrong. If you do in public you’re meant to use a cover, if you use a cover you’re meant to use the restroom if you’re feeding a toddler you’re only doing it for your own selfish reasons and good luck weaning her when she’s 47!

Seriously?! I knew it was a hot topic before I had my own baby but I didn’t realise just how sensitive random strangers would be to how I choose to use my feeders. I bet if they weren’t all saggy and stretch marked and my areolas weren’t pretty much the whole boob and I was using them for absolutely any other purpose other than what they were intended it would be perfectly fine but apparently breastfeeding in public is some sort of attention seeking, publicity stunt!

Please stare at my weird mum boobs, please!

It’s not enough that breastfeeding is protected by law and The World Health Organisation recommend breastfeeding to the age of two and beyond, people still seem to think it’s their business how you use your boobs.

It’s hard enough to work out the logistics of breastfeeding when you and your babe are learning the skill and you’ve got clothing in the way and milk is spraying EVERYWHERE, you definitely don’t need random strangers on the internet telling you-you’re an attention seeker for feeding your baby.

Luckily public shaming doesn’t happen all that often but if it does there is so much support out there and the law is on your side so get ’em out!


Sleeping arrangements
Because every single baby behaves exactly the same way then it’s fairly safe to say that every single baby will drift right off to sleep on their backs in their bassinet in your room. Any deviation from this will KILL your baby or turn them into a murderer!
Violet and I have bedshared from night two. I bought a bassinet but she wouldn’t sleep in it, she’d wriggle until she had her face pressed up against the side. Nope. Into my bed, she came and we’ve both slept beautifully ever since. We do of course follow the safe sleep seven but that doesn’t stop people from telling us it’s the worst.
Some people have their baby in an entirely different room from the start for a number of reasons but baby monitors are amazing!

When it comes to sleep learn everything you can about safe sleeping environments and find what works best for you and your bub. You’ll soon learn to keep it secret like everyone else.


Anything remotely convenient for you is the worst
I recently saw a video for a bassinet that plays engine white noise and rocks your baby like the motion of a car. I thought it was a pretty cool idea but my baby HATES the car so I knew it wasn’t the bassinet for us. I had a look at the comments section thinking other people would love it but it was full of angry mums saying how lazy it was! I was in complete shock! Should I not be stroking my baby’s hair and boobing her to sleep just because it works? Is putting her in her rocker that swings itself some kind of parenting sin? Am I meant to rock her myself while I cook dinner or have a shower?
Why does everything have to be done the hard way?

There are so many great tools and gadgets out there if your baby’s needs are being met where’s the harm in using something to keep them amused while you meet your needs?


The bottom line 
You know your baby best, what worked for Agnes in the 50’s might not work for you now and just because your friends have a certain style that doesn’t mean it’s the right style for you.

Happy mum = happy baby so trust yourself, mama!


I know there are about a zillion more debates out there but these were the three that meant the most to me, what are some of the ‘I just came for the comments’ topics you shake your head at?

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