Now you may be thinking and questioning why you need a postpartum kit or what one even is?

You may think of this as a pretty box filled with postpartum goodies to get you through your postpartum.

Well you can think of it this way – but more of a virtual postpartum tool kit ready to snap into action when and if you need it.

But going through these steps and really thinking about how you want your postpartum to be and what can support you during this time you will be setting yourself up with strong foundations for motherhood.

Understanding challenges new mothers face in postpartum

Postpartum is also known as the fourth trimester which is the longest of all the trimesters

1 in 7 women in Australia experience Postnatal depression (PND) and 1 in 3 women in Australia experience birth trauma.

Many new mothers experience isolation, overwhelm and exhaustion in the early days, weeks and month of life with a newborn baby.

Which is why it’s important you plan and prepare for your postpartum with your newborn baby.

Postpartum Cheatsheet – download for your fridge!

I created this postpartum cheatsheet as a reminder for your fridge so that when your baby is born all your plans don’t go out the window!

Preparing while you are pregnant and getting some of these items ticked off will be a huge help to you once your baby is born.

Download and print off your cheatsheet, fill it out and pop it on your fridge as a daily reminder!

What can people help with?

Often in Western Culture it’s very common that mothers are left to fend for themselves and just get back on with life.  

Which is why I believe we have such high mental health conditions like Postpartum Depression. 

When a mother is not nurtured and cared for it can lead to higher rates of depression and depletion leaving the mother feeling exhausted. 

Even though this is a huge life transition and in many cultures around the world women are often supported, nourished and treated like goddesses and motherhood is seen as something sacred. 

So what can people help you with to make sure you have 4 – 6 weeks of resting time, to bond with your baby and allow yourself and your baby time to learn how to breastfeed (if you are planning to). 

Because let’s face it…. you need time to recover from 9 months of pregnancy, birth and now caring for and loving a newborn baby!

Here are some ideas that people can help you with – write down which ones you can ask people to help with!

  • Dropping round meals​
  • Making you tea of coffee​
  • Making sure you are fed​
  • Holding baby so you can rest​
  • Washing/ folding​ clothes
  • Listening to you (judgement free) ​
  • Go to the shops for you​
  • Organising​
  • Cleaning/ tidying​


What makes you happy?

You know how they say – Happy wife, happy life? 

Well I’m calling happy you… healthy, calm, confident & positive you!!

What more can you want as a new mother than to feel happy, calm & confident? 

The other reason why it’s important for you to fit in a few things each day that make you happy is because of a hormone called Oxytocin or the “love drug”… it’s amazing hormone that floods your body when you hug people or make love with your partner. 

It’s also very helpful in releasing let down during breastfeeding and helping your milk flow more easily.  It’s also present when bonding with your baby and your partner.  

I could talk about this love drug all day (and I will write more on it another day) but until then make note of some things on your Postpartum Cheatsheet that you can do to make you happy during pregnancy & motherhood! 

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Watching fav movie/ show​
  • Warm relaxing bath​
  • Smiling​
  • Chocolate​ (dark is the best!) 
  • Time relaxing with partner​
  • Laughing​ (I love Kevin Harts latest comedy show on Netflix!) 
  • Coffee​
  • Massage​
  • Meditation​
  • Essential oils​
  • Being in nature/ sun​
  • Being Mindful​
  • Listening to fav music​
  • Eating fav food​
  • Snuggling baby​
  • Moisturizing ​
  • Reading

These are just some ideas to get you started.  Of course everyone is different and there are so many things that can make you happy! 

Explore your thoughts and feelings and think about how you can make your own unique and sacred postpartum kit!

These are just a few ways to start – I would love to hear what you come up with!  

If you want to connect and learn more about how you can feel calm, confident and connected in pregnancy & motherhood book in a free coffee chat with me below!!



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