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Re-write your Motherhood stories

 Often one of the biggest challenges a new mother faces is the stories she has going on inside her mind. 

Often we don’t even realise the stories that our minds continue to tell us over and over again, but they may show up to you for a fleeting moment as a thought that says – you are not a good mum, or you are not doing enough, you don’t know enough…  

Of course, these thoughts aren’t helpful and if we are not aware of them they can cause us to feel sad for long periods of time, turn to emotional eating, feeling like a “bad mum” etc.   

In this episode, I sit down and talk with Laura O’ Hagan and we find out why new mothers have these thoughts, how to recognise them and re-write them in a more positive way!


Laura is passionate about supporting mothers on their journey to self-love, compassion and turning those stories of self-doubt around.

  • We discuss what these stories are
  • How you can re-write your motherhood stories
  • How mindfulness can help support you on your motherhood journey

More on Laura!


Laura is a Life Coach + Self Worth Mentor who works with women to quit the crazy talk in their head, rewrite their worthiness story and reconnect to themselves so their life FEELS as good as it looks.

She is also a mum of two and realised she had to reconnect and redefine herself after her transition into motherhood.


More on this episode

1)  What is mindfulness?

2) So what are these stories that we tell our selves and where do they come from? What can they sound like for us mothers?  

3) Can you tell us a little bit about reframing -how we can change the thoughts?

Laura’s Gift to you!

FREE downloadable journaling guide to support you to re-write your motherhood stories!

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Connect with Laura

You can connect with Laura on the following platforms and through her website!

Website: https://laurajohagan.com/
Facebook: @Laura O’Hagan Coach
Instagram: @laurajohagan

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