EP13| Sasha – HBA2C Big Babies & Long labours

In this episode, we meet Sasha who is a mother to three boys and lives in rural NSW.

When Sasha found out she was pregnant she was living in the UK with long term partner and they decided to move back to Australia to birth their son local to home in rural NSW.

Pregnancy was a busy time with moving countries and having to set up a home from a garden shed.


Having a healthy and easy-going pregnancy Sasha always believed in her bodies ability to vaginally birth and just thought that is exactly what would happen when the time came.

At 40+10 days her waters broke and shortly afterwards she headed to the hospital.

A 22-hour labour and at 9 1/2 cms dilated the change over in staff and Dr’s left Sasha with a Dr who was pushing for a c-section rather than allowing more time to vaginally deliver her baby.

Sasha shares how emotionally charged this part of her story was and shares a raw and honest response from the feelings that came up as she shared this part of her journey with us.

Her baby was born 4.5 kilos and thriving.

A planned 2nd baby was on the cards and Sasha was determined to have a VBAC being told no by the local hospital she called around local hospitals to find that no one would support a VBAC.

She found a midwife Hazel who was pro VBAC and planted the seed of a home birth – which Sasha decided would be the best way to go moving forward.

A calm and peaceful pregnancy with plenty of support from her midwife Hazel and lots of preparation for the birth gave Hazel the confidence that she would have her baby vaginally.

Another long labour and transferring to the hospital after some meconium, receiving an epidural before consenting to another c-section, Sasha found this experience much more positive than her first birth. This baby boy was born a healthy 4.9 kilos.

A surprise pregnancy leaving Sasha unsure of her options she called her midwife Hazel who said she could absolutely have a hba2c so they planned for this homebirth closer to hospital in case of transfer and away from her two sons.

Going into labour at 40+9 this time (as a little bit earlier) Sasha was supported through another fairly lengthy labour of 20 hours to gloriously birth her third son who was born 4 kilos.

Sasha excitedly shares her story and the vaginal birth she had hoped for from the beginning.

Listen to this episode to find out more about Sasha’s HBA2C!

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