Self-care is one of those words you might hear being thrown around a lot.  You may think that self-care is something that sounds nice but you’re just not too sure how you can make it apart of your everyday life, especially being a mother.

Mothers are busy, self-less, tired, overwhelmed, sleep deprived and juggling so many things that the thought of adding another step might just push you into overwhelm.  But it doesn’t have to!

I’m all about keeping things simple.  I know mums are already overwhelmed enough as it is, and I want you to be able to fill your cup and not feel like it’s a huge chore. So whether you are a mum or expecting now is the perfect time to start taking steps to be the best you that you deserve to be!

Here are a few little things that self-care is not:

– Caring and loving yourself is NOT selfish
-You are not a bad mum for taking time out to fill your own cup
-You do not have to do everything yourself – you won’t get any rewards or trophies for burning out
-Not time-consuming or a chore

What self-care is:

-Thoughtful, loving and caring to yourself and your family
-It helps your cup to be filled with lots of wonderful good things, which means when your cup overspills lots of good things spill out to those you love around you
-It shows your children that it’s important to take time to love and care for yourself – our children watch what we do!
-Fun, nourishing and simple

It’s easy to fall into the trap of sacrificing yourself in the name of love for your baby and family. I totally get it.  When I had my first baby I was on a mission to prove to the world (mostly myself) that I was a really good mum.  I put my baby first and I felt great about it.  What I didn’t realise is that I was stepping further away from myself every day and forgetting to look after myself.  I didn’t do anything for me, it was all about the babies needs and wants.  Her music, her clothes, her baths, her special healthy foods….This isn’t an uncommon story and one that I hear a lot of mums tell.

It’s important for us as women to have our own identity outside of our children and families and to live a life that is true to us.  By doing this we are living a truly authentic life, we are happier and we are able to be better mothers for our children.

Setting aside 5 mins a day for yourself is a great start to creating a self-care routine.  Increase that amount over time and find what suits you and your lifestyle.

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25 Self – Care Ideas (write down your fav’s for a daily reminder!)


  1. Reading a book (even a few pages)
  2. Drinking a hot cup of tea
  3. Sitting in the garden
  4. Sitting in the sun
  5. Painting
  6. Drawing
  7. Singing
  8. Listening to your favourite music
  9. Eating your favourite food mindfully
  10. Cooking or baking (if you get pleasure)
  11. Meditation + mindfulness
  12. Having a hot bath
  13. Using essential oils – find out what essential oils are here
  14. Positive affirmations
  15. Practising daily gratitude – find out more about using a gratitude journal here
  16. Getting your hair done
  17. Getting a massage
  18. Going for a walk
  19. Going out in nature
  20. Walk on the beach
  21. Stargazing
  22. Watching your favourite tv show or movie
  23. Catching up with a friend for a chat
  24. Going out without the kids (baby)
  25. Listen to a Podcast


I hope that self-care is an easy daily routine you can implement even with a small baby – you are worth it mama!

Share some of your fav self-care tips below and feel free to add any other’s that I have included in my list!

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Ashley x


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