How Self Care & How to fill your Cup!

Self care is an important daily ritual that should become your priority during pregnancy and once your new baby is born. 

You may be thinking what is all the fuss with?  And do I really need to care for myself?  

The simple answer is a big fat YES and in this episode, I sit down and talk with Antonia from Peaceful Postnatal to discuss why it’s important to start a daily ritual, how you can do that very easily, what it looks like and what some of the biggest mistakes new mothers make!


Antonia is a kind, compassionte spirit who practices daily self care and has built a business around caring for new mothers.  She has a lot of wisdom to share for you!


  • We discuss why you need a self care ritual
  • The top mistakes new mothers make around self care
  • How you can catch yourself before you become depleted
  • A little about other cultures and the support and care new mothers receive! 

More on Antonia!

Antonia provides postnatal support and facilitates mothers circles in Canberra, Australia.
She empowers mothers to feel calm, confident and connected to their circles of support.


More on this episode

1) What is self care?

2) Why do so many mums struggle with self care?

3) How can you develop a self care practice?

4) How do you know when your cup is running low?

5) What are some mistakes people make around self care?

Connect with Antonia

You can connect with Antonia on the following platforms and through her website!

Facebook: @peacefulpostnatal

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