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In- Person Doula Support

Brisbane to Gold Coast Birth Doula Support

Supporting you to birth on your terms and your way to have a better birth experience with birth education, knowledge, and support. (Attending hospital and homebirth)

I’m with you every step of the way, following your lead and supporting you to be the power and authority in your birth.

Specialising in VBAC, previous birth trauma/ bad birth experience & homebirth.

Ways I will support you through your journey:

  • Your mindset (working through fears & believing in yourself)
  • Birth education
  • Birth planning
  • 2- 3 x antenatal sessions before birth
  • On-going support through text/ messenger
  • Attending your birth – in-person support
  • On call support from 37 weeks
  • Postpartum Planning
  • 1 x Postpartum support visit
  • 4 x weeks of virtual support after birth (including 1 x 60 minute call).

Packages starting from $1,750

Virtual Homebirth Support



 Homebirth Mentor & Mindset  
VIP Support

You have the vision; your dream homebirth, birthing your baby on your terms with confidence & belief in your ability to intuitively birth your baby! 

You’re craving connection, support from someone who’s been there and are committed to your mindset, expanding your confidence, birth knowledge & holding space for you to work through fears & wobbles you know will pop up from time to time. 

Working together privately we will tap into my unique blend of coaching and mentoring along with my signature framework of Mindset & Birth knowledge, so you feel supported & trust in your ability to birth your baby intuitively. 

My VIP Program is created with you to suit your own personal needs & budget.

An example of a package:

4 – Months Guidance & Support

  • 8 x 60 Minute fortnightly sessions
  • With weekly regular check- in’s to make sure you feel supported.
  • Ongoing support through the Voxer App (audio & text support)

So you feel heard, seen, validated & supported through this sacred journey. 

Packages starting from $1,500

Power Hour Session

There are times in our birth journey when we need a little extra support to work through a challenge or obstacle, and a plan to move forward clearly and confidently.  

The Clarity and Confidence- Power hour is perfect for this. 

This session is always tailored to you but common things we can cover in a session are:

  • Your mindset (working through fears & believing in yourself)
  • Planning your homebirth/birth (birth knowledge, birth environment & birth support)
  • Preparing yourself before pregnancy for a future birth – to understand if freebirth/ homebirth is a good choice for you.
  • Connection – being connected to someone who has walked the path of freebirth and understands those struggles.
  • I will hold space for you in our time together so you can be heard, seen and validated

Power hour sessions are $149.00 AUD 

Plus an awesome bonus if you later decide to move into my signature Pregnancy & Birth Program. 


Birth Debrief Sessions

Birth Debrief Sessions are an opportunity for you to be able to share your story. It’s about being able to share your story in a safe space with someone without judgement.  To explore, unpack and ask any questions you have around your birth to start to make sense of it and move towards planning your next birth in a positive and powerful way.  

When should you consider birth debriefing?  

Whenever you feel like you need one, you are worried about a future birth, unsure if you will have future children because you feel stuck or scared after a previous birth, you want to process or unpack your birth or just feeling like you want to share it out loud with someone in a safe space.  

A Birth Debrief Session will give you the opportunity to: 

  1. Share your birth out loud
  2. Process your birth
  3. Share your birth story in a safe environment and container
  4. Be heard, seen, and validated without judgment
  5. Ask questions
  6. Begin to understand your birth & find clarity
  7. Start taking steps towards a future birth

How Mothers have felt after a session: 

Mothers have shared feeling calm, more positive, relieved, supported, heard and ready to have a future baby after these sessions.  

A 90- Minute Session is $199.00 AUD

I believe that women are born with the strength, wisdom and courage
to birth and be the mothers they want to be – sometimes they just need a little bit of guidance, encouragement and support along the way…


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