I often find myself talking to women after their freebirth either recently or years later who go on to tell me that they wish they had known about me and some of the support that I provide.  

They tell me tales of how they felt alone and isolated in their journey, not having anyone to bounce ideas around with or turn to when feeling frantic in the moment.  

It always pulls my heart strings a little to hear of women craving support and it not being available to them when they need it most.  

So today I am sharing 5 Ways I support pregnant women who plan to freebirth. 

1.    Monthly Workshops 

Each month I run free Workshops on topics around freebirth.   

These workshops will change from time to time so you can check out what’s happening on this page here!  

My current workshop is being run for highly sensitive women planning to freebirth.  

It’s titled: Why HSP need EXTRA emotional support 

And the topics covered are:  

  • Why HSP need EXTRA emotional support (or a support team)
  • Understand your current support 
  • How to get your partner to be more supportive of your emotional needs 
  • Create your support dream team 

If you have a topic that you are interested in learning about, send me a DM on Instagram and let me know. 

I’m always happy to hear from pregnant women and what support you feel you need during your journey!

2.    Clarity & Confidence Intensive Sessions

There are times in our birth journey when we need a little extra support to work through a challenge or obstacle, and a plan to move forward clearly and confidently.  

The Clarity and Confidence Intensive is perfect for this. 

This intensive is always tailored to you but common things we can cover in a session is your mindset (working through fears & believing in yourself), planning your homebirth (birth knowledge, birth environment & birth support) or preparing yourself before pregnancy for a future birth – to understand if homebirth is a good choice for you. 

What does this 1-on-1 VIP Coaching offer include for only $97.00 AUD? 

  • A pre-coaching questionnaire to gather your thoughts and to use our time together efficiently 
  • A 60 minute 1:1 coaching session where we dive into gaining clarity, insight, strategies, and an action plan to carry you forward as well as igniting your confidence so you are ready to implement it straight away. 
  • 1 week of follow-up support via email to give you continued access to me, your coach, and build momentum to propel you towards your goals. 

Plus an awesome bonus if you later decide to move into my signature Pregnancy & Birth Program. 

Book your Clarity & Confidence Intensive here

3.    Pregnancy & Birth VIP Program

You have the vision; your dream homebirth, birthing your baby on your terms with confidence & belief in your ability to intuitively birth your baby! 

You’re craving connection, support from someone who’s been there and are committed to your mindset, expanding your confidence, birth knowledge & holding space for you to work through fears & wobbles you know will pop up from time to time. 

Working together privately we will tap into my unique blend of coaching and mentoring along with my signature framework of Mindset & Birth knowledge, so you feel supported & trust in your ability to birth your baby intuitively. 

I am now booking clients, so if you’re wanting support, and the coaching to build your confidence & birth mindset, book your call so we can dive deep immediately into your dream birth plan & set you up for that dream homebirth! 

Book a complimentary call here

4.    The Podcast

Each fortnight I release a new Podcast episode on The VBAC Homebirth Stories Podcast 

Although it’s a podcast for VBAC each story ends up with an amazing and positive homebirth either with a midwife in attendance or a freebirth/ unassisted birth.  

I have also shared my own four-part birth stories on there.  A tale of two unneeded C-Sections, birth trauma and going on to have my own glorious freebirth with a 10-pound baby (and no tearing!).  

There are also some amazing special guest interviews that are well worth checking out:

  • Dr Rachel Reed – Instinctive & Physiological Birth – listen here 
  • Melanie the Midwife – Why women choose freebirth for their VBAC – listen here

5.    The Blog

And last, but not least is my blog that I am committed to releasing a new one each week.  

This is the place you can find out the latest on how to support yourself during freebirth.   

Think about blogs focused on your emotional and mindset wellbeing that will support you to feel calm, confident and ready to freebirth this baby!  

If you are not already on the email list jump on so you can get the blog sent you before anyone else has access!  

Join the weekly newsletter here so you never miss a blog!


To wrap up this blog – 5 Ways I support pregnant women who plan to freebirth.  

We covered:  

  1. Monthly Workshops 
  2. Clarity & Confidence Intensive Sessions  
  3. Pregnancy & Birth VIP Program 
  4. The VBAC Homebirth Stories Podcast 
  5. My Blog  

I hope that if you feel like you need more support in your freebirth pregnancy journey that one of these connects with you and helps you along your journey to feel seen, heard and supported.  

It is my aim to deeply connect, inspire and educate women on this journey (as well as support partners) so that no one is left alone.  

If you are unsure if one of my services is right for you, I invite you to jump onto a complimentary call with me, or send me an email and let’s have a chat!  

Until next time,  

Ashley x

Ashley Winning - The Motherhood Circle
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