In today’s busy world, it’s easy to put everyone else first. With the demands of work and family, it might not feel like there’s much time left over for you. Perhaps you even feel guilty about taking time for yourself?

Every morning I go to the gym. 5 days a week. With my 2 children. They wake around 6am, we have a little play, get dressed, eat breakfast then we are straight in the car and off to the gym. This is my ‘me’ time.  I don’t feel guilty, I make it a priority. Once I have released some endorphins, I feel recharged and ready for the day. I am happier, my mind is clearer, my body is healthier, and I can tackle the day in a more positive way. On days that I am not able to get this ‘me’ time due to kids being sick or for whatever the reason may be, I find my head isn’t as clear, I’m not as positive, the kids whinging and fighting gets to me much more and I’m not the best version of myself that I want to be for my kids.

My kids have now learnt to make the gym part of their routine, they wake up and get excited to go. My eldest (2.5yrs) tries to join in on some of the exercises and I love this. Not only is she having fun, she’s learning that exercise is an important part of life. She is watching mum and forming healthy habits that she will hopefully continue throughout her life.

‘Me’ time doesn’t have to be going o the gym. ‘Me time’ can be anything that clears your mind, recharges the batteries and lets you de-stress. It can be going for a swim at the beach, catching up with some friends, having a date night with your partner, going to work or running a business.

I run a business, a Babysitting Agency called Coastal Babysitters. I love working on my business and setting my own goals. I also class this as ‘me time’. I also love the fact that I’m able to help other mums and dads have their own ‘me time.’

Make yourself a priority. The happier and healthier you are, the more you can do for your family. After all, you can’t give when you’re running on empty.

I saw a great quote on Facebook last week, ‘Next time you go to say I don’t have time, say it’s not a priority and see how that feels.’

Orly Muscat is a wife and mum to 2 beautiful little girls, Ella 2.5 and Emily 10 months.
She’s also the founder of Coastal Babysitters, a Babysitting Agency that services the Gold Coast to Byron Bay.


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