I bet you never thought about setting goals in pregnancy?  I know I didn’t when I was pregnant!

Setting goals helps you to aim for some important steps in pregnancy.

And while I don’t want to overwhelm you with all the many things you will be doing and learning in pregnancy for motherhood, these goals are something that will definately work in your favour! 

1. Improve Your Physical Health

One of the most important things in life is our health.

And it is no more true than when you are pregnant. 

Whether you were physically active before you became pregnant or not, starting to move now will be helpful, especially when it comes time to you birthing your baby.

Physical movement is linked to higher energy levels as well as improved mental health.

If you are not currently active you can start with some gentle movement each day and build up from there. 

Don’t push yourself to your limits, this is about being more active than what you are currently doing.

Try with some stretching each day, starting pregnancy yoga or Pilates (with a qualified pregnancy instructor), going for daily walks or heading out to the pool to swim some laps – or try some aqua aerobics.

Always check with your pregnancy health care team and make sure that it’s okay for you to undertake the activities you feel aligned with.

2. Improve Your Mental Health

Living in a culture that bombards us with information, advertisements and infinite choice, as well as inflicting us with downsizing and other incredible job stressors, is taking a huge negative toll on our society’s health.

We are living in an age of chronic stress. All these stressors create enormous mind chatter and reducing this mind chatter is key.

It’s important to realise that this mind chatter takes us away from the present moment.

We end up worrying instead of enjoying the world around us. Try this. Take a grape and pop it in your mouth.  Roll it around and feel the texture – taste that sweet juice.

This is called practising mindfulness. Living in the present moment. Conscious reflection. Meditation.

The more you are able to reduce that useless mind chatter, the more you live in the present moment and experience calmness and peace.

A little conscious reflection or meditation is astonishingly powerful. Try it.

3. Connect with your Partner

During Pregnancy it’s important to start really connecting in with your Partner and having open & honest conversations.

I recently had a chat with real mum Purdey and she shared how important it was to discuss parenting choices and roles during her fertility journey.

You can check out that video interview here!

It also helps to strengthen your relationship and set up good habits by scheduling in regular “connection session” something you can carry forward when your baby is born and you have less time in your life for each other.

Yes – less time can happen as you spend all your time and energy focusing on your newborn baby and trying to figure out this motherhood stuff!

I hope that this has been a good starting point for you in your pregnancy – come and share what other goals you think are a good idea to set in pregnancy – Comment below!

Whether you are trying to conceive a baby at the moment or finding yourself with a bit of a surprise, I want you to know that there is support for you on your journey into Motherhood!  



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