In this episode, I share my tips on how you can avoid vaginal tearing in your VBAC Homebirth 

I go into detail about my personal experiences and what I have found through my training and research around birth. 

Going into my HBA2C I was pretty worried about tearing. I wanted to avoid it at all costs and I am happy to say I avoided even grazing birthing my 4.5-kilo baby. 

Amazing huh!

Let me share some of my wisdom and tips for you to consider for your VBAC Homebirth.

We covered:  

1. Avoid Coached Pushing 

2. Consider a birth pool 

3. Make Instinctive & Physiological birth your goal 

4. Allow FER to do the work 

5. Position, position, position 

I hope you enjoy this episode! 

Ashley x

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