Kamal – Unplanned, unassisted homebirth (VBAC)

In this episode, we meet Kamal, a mother of two boys living on the Gold Coast. 

Kamal shares her story of wanting to have a vaginal hospital birth and finding out late in her pregnancy that baby was breech. 

There was a suggestion of induction due to gestational diabetes and when Kamal told the health care provider that the baby was breech more scans were conducted to find out that baby was still breech. 

An immediate c-section was scheduled and while Kamal had a birth plan, some of her wishes were not honoured, including keeping the placenta to take home. 

Knowing she wanted a VBAC early on with her second baby, she spent the next 9 months investing in her journey and joining me in the Journey into Motherhood online program and taking a Hypnobirthing class to educate and empower herself. 

Listen to this episode to find out more about Kamal’s unplanned, unassisted VBAC homebirth. 

I hope you enjoy this episode!

Ashley x

Want support finding your voice, confidence & be supported during your VBAC journey check out this online community with pregnant & new mothers – Journey into Motherhood – https://members.themotherhoodcircle.com.au/join-3/

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