VBAC Birth Class for Couples


Are you curious or planning a VBAC? Want to learn as much as you can to give yourself the best chance at achieving your
vaginal birth after c-section?

BIRTH ON YOUR TERMS with your partner

by your side and connected to the experience?


If you said yes to any of the above, you are in the right place!

Learn as a team, so you both feel prepared and aligned in your approach to VBAC.

Join me live Tuesday, 6th of August, at 7:30 pm AEST


*A recording will be available if you cannot join us live

Presented by Ashley Winning,
Birth Educator, Host of The VBAC Homebirth Stories Podcast
and HBA2C Mama. 
Seen in the Born at Home Film

Why This Class is a Game-Changer for Couples:


Shared Empowerment:

Empower yourselves with knowledge and confidence as a team. When both of you are informed and prepared, the birth experience becomes a shared journey, strengthening your bond and mutual support.

Understanding Each Other’s Roles:
Gain a clear understanding of each other’s roles during labour.
Partners will learn how to be effective birth companions, while expectant mothers will feel more secure knowing their
partner is well-prepared to support them.

Communication and Connection:

Improve your communication skills before and during labour. This class will provide you with tools to express your needs and concerns, ensuring you both feel heard and understood.

Unified Approach to Pain Management:

Learn a variety of pain management techniques together, allowing you to practice and decide which methods work best for you as a team. This unified approach can help reduce anxiety and increase comfort during labour.

Mutual Fear-Release Techniques:

Discover strategies to release fears and anxieties together. By addressing and overcoming these concerns as a team, you’ll create a more positive and supportive environment for the birth.

During this Online 60-Minute
Birth Class you will learn:


Key VBAC statistics and success rates


Partner roles and how they can
best support you


Effective pain management techniques


Fear-releasing exercises to boost your confidence


Q & A – You will have a chance to ask questions during the live birth class

Option #1 – $15


Join the 60-Minute VBAC Birth Class for Couples for $15.00 by clicking the link below. A recording will be available, which is great to watch again or if you cannot make it live.  You will have access to this recording for 12 – months. 

Option #2 – FREE


Join the 60-Minute VBAC Birth Class for Couples for FREE when you join The VBAC Village for just $7/m! Click on the button to learn more and join our Village.

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