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You will have access to the membership on Saturday 9th of March. 

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Get Access to me one-to-one with this special offer!


Book a Power Hour Session with me for half the price:

This session is always tailored to you but common things we can cover in a session are:

✨ A special time-limited offer to say thank you! ✨

  • Your mindset (working through fears & believing in yourself)
  • Planning your VBAC (birth knowledge, birth environment & birth support)
  • Preparing yourself before pregnancy for a future birth – to understand if VBAC/ homebirth is a good choice for you.
  • Connection – being connected to someone who has walked the path of VBA2C and understands those struggles.
  • I will hold space for you in our time together so you can be heard, seen and validated

This is great if you want that one-on-one, individual, and private support.  (not in a group setting). 

For only $75 (normally $199) 



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