VBAC Birth Planning Workshop


Are you dreaming of a powerful and positive birth experience
after a cesarean section?

We all know that birth planning is important, but do you know what makes a good birth plan?

Join me in this FREE VBAC Birth Planning Workshop, and learn how to create a birth plan that will help you achieve your VBAC!


 Join me live Wednesday, 17th of April, at 11 am AEST


*A recording will be available if you cannot join us live

Presented by Ashley Winning, Birth Educator, Host of The VBAC Homebirth Stories Podcast and HBA2C Mama. 

During this FREE Online 45- Minute Workshop you will learn:


What actually makes a GOOD VBAC birth plan!


Where other people go wrong when VBAC birth planning.


How to create a birth plan to help you achieve
your VBAC.


Join me live to ask any questions you have to
fine tune your VBAC birth plan.

Join me live at 11 am AEST on Wed, 17th of Apr

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