If this is your first freebirth or homebirth you may feel the need to get all the freebirth supplies organised so you can feel less overwhelmed, and more relaxed for the birthing day.  

You may have checked out groups and seen a huge number of items recommended and feeling overwhelmed by all the things you have to organise. 

I have teamed up with Birthplace to sprinkle in some high-quality homebirth supplies so you can purchase all in the one place. Check out the pink hyperlinked words to get access to shop for your freebirth.

So, what things do you really need?  Some would say, and I often joke that all you need is a vagina to have a freebirth! 

And of course, technically this is all you really need.  

But you might like some other things to help make your freebirth go a little smoother and give you some comforts.  

This list isn’t exhaustive – you can add what you like to it.  This is a great start.  

And remember – you don’t need all the things listed either. Adjust to your budget and needs.  

Birth Pool  

I made the birth pool the first one on the list because I had always dreamed of water birth with my children.  

From the moment I started planning our first babe I wished I could birth somewhere that had a birthing pool. 

The hospital I birthed my first baby in didn’t have birth pools, and the second one wouldn’t let me in the birthing pools because I am plus size. (the silliest thing I’ve ever heard!). 

This is why when planning my homebirth it was a must-have on my list.   

I wanted to be as comfortable as possible.   

Being plus-sized and loving water as much as I do, I knew this would be the best place for me.  

Some women really don’t enjoy the idea of being in the water, or in a birthing pool to birth to their babe.   

That’s totally fine if it’s not for you – just don’t worry about getting one! 

You can also use your normal bath – just use some towels to pad your knees and make sure it’s big enough for you to move around before you plan this as an option.  

Here are some things to include for your birthing pool option: 

  • Birthing pool (if you want one) 
  • Waterproof torch 
  • Mirror 
  • Drinking safe hose and connector (you can get here) 
  • Pump and attachments (to inflate – and a patch kit in case needed during labour).  
  • Pool liner – to ensure the pool is clean 
  • Scoop/mesh for poo 
  • Cushion/ing for under the pool liner if the pool or bath is flat – You can use old carpet, soft rug or towels if your pool doesn’t already have a cushion in it. 
    • Thermometer (floating is helpful) 
    • Heating method and back-up plan eg large pots on the stove or electric kettle 
    • Dried flowers (these are great for after the baby is born if you want for pictures) 

Supplies for the birth

All of the things I have listed below are just some ideas.  You don’t need herbs for your birth, but you may want them.  

I recommend doing some research into things you do not understand and always educating yourself and speaking to qualified people (especially with herbs)  

Things to include-  

  • Herbs & tinctures (if you want herbs) talk about some of the issues – get from herbalist 
  • Puppy pads pack of 10 or 20 or Waterproof Disposable Underpads
  • Wash clothes (for the head, cool or warm)
  • Towels (5-10)  
  • Mattress or mat for the floor with a waterproof cover  
  • Waterproof liners for the couch/bed 
  • Bucket or bowl for vomit 
  • Supportive & helpful circle (practical and emotionally supportive people only) 
  • Birthing outfit (or go naked if you want)

Birth Goddess from Birthplace

Setting the room

You may understand the importance of setting up the room to feel comfortable and safe.   

This will help you birth your baby more quickly and safely than if you felt uncomfortable or confined.  

When I was pregnant, I felt the urge to have my birth space cleaned from top to bottom and we replaced the flooring so it felt “just right”.  

I included all the things to help my mindset, the flow & energy of the space and brought in as much peace & calm as possible.  

Things to consider – 

Photography and Videography

You may be tossing up between deciding to have a photographer or videographer come into your space.   

I want to write a full blog about the pros and cons of this option.    

For now, I just want you to consider who you invite into your birth space.    

That you feel very comfortable and safe with the person and that they understand what you expect/ want from them.  

It’s also a good idea to check out the contract and ensure you understand the terms and are happy to abide.  Some photographers only provide watermarked images.  

Others do not release branding rights (this is important if you are using these images for your doula business or other business).  

Another option so that you don’t have to have another person in your birth space is to set up some recording cameras like a go pro or have your partner or support people take photos with their phones.

Pain Management

Having a freebirth means you won’t have access to the drugs that you can get in the hospital.   

You may be worried that you won’t be able to handle the pain of childbirth.   

Starting to work on your mindset and belief in your ability to handle the pain of childbirth as soon as possible will be one of the biggest keys to helping you work through the surges in labour.  

Here are some other things to include: 

  • Essential oils in rollers or homeopathy 
  • Deep breathing in through the nose and holding for 5 seconds and breathing out through the mouth for 8 seconds 
  • Make sure that you are in positions that you feel the most comfortable 
  • Hot water/ birthing pool or shower 
  • Tens machine (to be used in the early part of your labour).  
  • Massage/ hip squeezes from your support  
  • Birthing comb – you can purchase yours here  
  • Massage oil  


If you want to keep your placenta for encapsulation or to plant in your garden later you might want to keep it fresh and clean. 

Here are some other things to consider: 

  • Bowl or ice cream tub for placenta 
  • Large ziplock bag if you intend to freeze the placenta (can freeze in a container too) 
  • Something to cut the chord (if you plan on not doing a lotus birth) scissors or candle to burn

Vaginal Tearing

You can check out this article on ways to reduce vaginal tearing and this one will help you with ideas on how you can recover from vaginal tearing. 

If you find yourself with a vaginal tear after your birth. You should be able to naturally heal these at home if it’s a first or second degree.   

If you find yourself with a third or fourth you may need medical assistance.  

Here are some things to help with healing naturally from tearing: 

  • Manuka honey  
  • Seaweed strips (minor tears) you can purchase from your local supermarket or source organic ones where possible. 

For You

  • Snacks – consider easy and nourishing foods you can eat like bliss balls, banana, or lollies for a sugar hit 
  • Drink and straw (like a metal straw) lemonade, coconut water (whatever you like) water 
  • Clothes or outfits you want to wear
  • Sitz herbal bath blend for after birth

For Baby

  • And finally, once baby is born you will want some things handy and ready so that you don’t have to have anyone rush around to find these things.  
    • Towel (warm) 
    • Clothes 
    • Scales to weigh baby 
    • Measuring tape 
    • Clothes for baby 
    • Nappies 
    • Wraps 

To wrap up this blog – What supplies do you need for your freebirth? 

We covered:  

  • Birth Pool  
  • Supplies for the birth 
  • Setting the room 
  • Photography & Videography 
  • Pain management 
  • Placenta 
  • Vaginal Tearing 
  • For You 
  • For Baby 

I hope that this blog really helped you to plan for the supplies and things you may need for your freebirth.  

Feeling like you want more support?  

I offer pregnant women who are planning to freebirth support, guidance and birth knowledge and I invite you to see if one of my offerings call out to you. You can find out more about my offerings here.  

If you are unsure if one of my services is right for you, I invite you to send me an email and let’s have a chat!  

Until next time,  

Ashley x

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