In this episode, I share a little bit about my current plans and what’s to come.

Coming Soon are Epic Podcast Episodes and Opportunities Await After Podcast Break

I’ve decided to give myself a bit of a podcast break for a shortish period. I’m feeling that I will be back around Christmas time!

I share some of my journey, what’s happening in my life at the moment and some of the new offerings I am birthing in the world soon (lots of VBAC!!)

I’d love it if you could contribute to my VBAC Membership Survey if you are considering a future VBAC – ⁠You can do that here!⁠

And I share some of the amazing podcast episodes that are coming up when I return (there are some epic ones in there!!)

During this break you can catch up on some episodes you haven’t tuned into yet, re-listen to some of your fav’s or share with people who could benefit from this resource.

I’m still open for business, so if you want a 1:1 session or to join me in one of my programs feel free to send me an email or DM me.

Catch up soon!

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