Allergies & CPR in Pregnancy & beyond

With a rise in allergies happening in Australia it’s important that we get informed and educated about allergies and be prepared in case one does pop up for your little one. 

In this weeks episode I interview Heidi from Nest to chat about how you can best set you and your baby up in pregnancy & beyond to hopefully avoid or reduce allergies all together as well as discuss CPR once your baby is born. 

Heidi Young is a Paediatric Nurse for 17 years, Heidi, has worked in many Paediatric Hospitals in Australia and the UK.

For the last 4 years Heidi has been a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Childhood Allergy and has a special interest in this.


  • We discuss preventative pregnancy measures to take regarding allergies
  • What foods can you eat while breastfeeding to help with allergies
  • When you should introduce allergy foods to your baby
  • What are the symptoms of an allergic reaction? 
  • CPR – What can mothers do if babies choke?

More on Heidi!

British born, Heidi has lived with her partner Ross, in Sydney for 14 years. Their two sons were born here in Australia.

The Nest was born out of the obvious sea change that I saw in every parent over recent years. We want more information, we want to know what to do in an emergency & we want to be our children’s superhero!

We are the only education service for parents that teaches first aid, CPR & allergy management & prevention.

Look out for The Nest Australia wise & The Nest UK coming soon!



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Facebook: @thenestcpr 
Instagram: @thenestcpr 

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