Let’s face it, mamas. Not once in our wildest dreams before baby did we ever think we would be hugging a toilet on Valentine’s Day, stuck in bed or just too tired to go out and celebrate a romantic evening with our partner. But life happens. It’s unpredictable and messy. And we must roll with it as best we can!

I’ve come up with a few really fun and simple date night ideas for you and your partner to have a lovely and meaningful time together on Valentine’s Day (or another day soon when you are feeling better) without a lot of fuss:

Indulge the Cravings!

Tonight’s the night to indulge yourself. Give yourself permission to eat whatever you want. Salty, sweet, fried…make a whole meal of it! Who cares if it goes together if your partner is willing to stop through several drive-thrus! Don’t forget to pick up a dessert!

When I was pregnant, I craved KFC I just couldn’t get enough of the fried chicken…so it’s no surprise that my daughter now loves… you guessed it…. Chicken!!!

If your stomach isn’t up to such wild indulgence, enjoy what sounds good to you! Foods that are bland and dense such as a fruit or fibre bar, a slice of bread, etc. can sometimes be helpful to settle your stomach and will allow you to enjoy the evening with your partner.

Enjoy Some Candy!

We all love candy. But sometimes it’s hard to stomach our favourites when we’re pregnant. For all you precious mamas dealing with nausea on Valentine’s Day, here are some great candies to give you some delicious relief:

  • Ginger candies (Ginger ale, ginger tea, ginger candies, cookies etc. also help with nausea)
  • Peppermints (Or peppermint tea)
  • Sours (Lemony candies, Sour Patch, popsicles, etc.)
  • Valentine’s Hearts (I’ve heard at least one mama swear by this chalky Valentine’s staple!)
  • Just be careful—too much candy can also cause a stomach-ache!

If you are craving some Valentine’s Day chocolate—dark chocolate is recommended for pregnant women as it generally has less sugar than milk chocolate (especially for those at risk for gestational diabetes).

Have a Date Night In:

Life gets busy and it’s easy to put off a regular date night with your partner. But when the baby comes it will get even harder to find quality time to spend together. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to remind each other how much you care and spend some fun, quality time together. Here are some ideas:

  • Love to cook? Make dinner together! Try a new recipe or a beloved favourite. Cooking together is the perfect opportunity to catch up on each other’s day, dream together about the future or reminisce about the special memories of the past.
  • Grab a copy of the movie you watched on your first date and order food in. Don’t forget the popcorn! Enjoy cuddling and laughing together.
  • Take a walk around the neighbourhood and watch the stars!
  • Write a letter (or a poem or song if you’re creative!) for one another sharing what you appreciate or love about your partner.
  • Have a picnic in the backyard! Toast to your love with sparkling water or juice! (Soon you will be able to have that champagne again!)
  • Take a luxurious bath together—with some homemade bath bombs using pregnancy-safe essential oils, candles and music.
  • Break out your favourite lotion and pregnancy-safe essential oils, turn down the lights and give each other a massage!
  • Or have a perfect date complete with a snack, game, and activity all planned out for you and mailed to your door by Date Crate!

Plan a Date Night Out:

Feeling up to going out on the town? Take advantage of this special time! Do an activity you will not have the time or energy for in those first few months after the baby is born (and before you’ve found that perfect babysitter).

  • Enjoy a movie at the cinema with your partner. Grab a regular ticket—or if you want to do Valentine’s Day in high style—get a Gold Class ticket. With a Gold Class ticket, you and your partner can watch the movie in luxurious and comfortable recliner chairs while being served a gourmet meal!
  • Get tickets for a local comedy club, dinner theatre, or musical event.
  • Go to the arcades or play a game of Putt-Putt together for some competitive fun. Mini golf is a great, low exertion game that’s guaranteed to have a lot of silly and memorable moments. 
  • Schedule a maternity photo session with a photographer. Capture these special, priceless moments as a couple on the verge of becoming parents.

Whatever you choose to do this Valentine’s Day, I hope you and your partner enjoy this special time together as you celebrate the love that created your little one! Here’s to a wonderful night at home or on the town (minus the wine)!


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